Tony Dovolani: I Want Jennifer Aniston On DWTS!

10314152 tony dovolani 150x150 Tony Dovolani: I Want Jennifer Aniston on DWTS!If Jennifer Aniston ever feels like trying out her luck on the dance floor
, there’s a gig waiting for her over at Dancing with the Stars.

DWTS pro Tony Dovolani admits his ideal dancing partner would be America’s sweetheart. Hey, if you’re going to aim, aim high, right?

“I hope Anna Kournikova does it. If you are going to shoot-shoot high right? Jennifer Aniston [would be amazing],” he told Hollyscoop at the Armani Exchange COOL FACTOR denim event at the A|X Chill Truck in Los Angeles.

Sorry Tony but Jennifer’s a little busy with about a half dozen movies, but how about Lindsay Lohan? “She is going to be in jail,” he laughed. But added, “We can go to jail and train her.”

While the new cast is still up in the air, one thing we can expect from the new season is less drama. “I want to put the last season behind me and move on to the next one. Last season was challenging but I always look forward to the next season,” said Tony.

Tony admits that they pretty much find out who their dancing partners are the same time we all do.

“I find out literally a couple of hours before we meet our partner. I always want to keep it real when I meet them for the first time I want that initial reaction to be the real one. This season I had Kate Gosslin and it was a real reaction,” he said.

So off camera what was having Kate Gosselin as a partner like? “It was interesting,” said Tony. “Whatever fights we had you saw them because they aired every single one of them.”

“She has a lot of things going on outside of dancing. Dancing I think was not something that she completely enjoyed because of everything going on outside. I felt bad for her, I feel if she did not have all the other distractions outside she might have done well.”

Um doubt that Tony. That woman had two left feet! But Tony had kinder words for her. “She wasn’t all there all the time, like 90% of the time she wasn’t there. The 10% of the time she was she did really well.”

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