‘SNL’s Jason Sudeikis Joins Jennifer Aniston In ‘Bounty Hunter’

NUP_130277_0290“Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock” star Jason Sudeikis better hope he was born to run.

Sudeikis has signed on to co-star with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in “Bounty Hunter,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comedian will play Aniston’s co-worker, who is somehow convinced she’s in love with him. (If we had a nickel for every time that happened at the office…) Unfortunately for their love, Aniston is a bailjumper being tracked by her bounty-hunter ex-husband (Butler).

Probably it’s no surprise to expect real sparks to fly between the Aniston and Butler characters, leaving poor Jason all alone.

Though he’s been a frequent guest star on “30 Rock,” Sudeikis wasn’t featured in Aniston’s sole appearance on that show.

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