Marley & Me 2…Minus Marley?

Hey, we’re not too proud to admit it: We were totally in puppy love with Marley & Me. If there are two things we’re a sucker for, it’s cute-ass pooches and Jennifer Aniston flicks. So you’d think we’d be totally excited when we caught word that they’re making another film about the crazy canine, right?

Well, forgive us for questioning, but how the hell will there be a Marley & Me 2 when Marley, you know, went to that big dog house in the sky at the end of the first movie?

Or is it just going to be called Me?

Nope—we’re hearing at this point that the straight to DVD film will be a prequel to the box office hit. Talk about dumb, how many hijinx could that pup have had before Jen A. and her onscreen hubby snatched him up?

So, the first pooch died. But why not give the tear jerker a proper sequel instead of some lame-ass prequel? This isn’t The Lord of the Rings, after all.

The couple could do the unheard of and, uh, get another dog!

Plot wise, there’s plenty of life left for someone to think up a couple more events Marley 2.0 could ruin—plus, if they flash forwarded a handful of years, we’d love to see Jennifer as the mother of a teen.

Could you imagine the rom-com queen having to have the birds and bees talk with a high schooler while her pesky pooch is humping everything it can get its paws on? Comedy gold, we say.

So why waste the opportunity on a toss-away DVD? We’re sure J.A. and Owen Wilson would be down for round two—people loved their first go as harried newlyweds—and if those two are in, you can be sure the movie would bank at the box office.

We’re not trying to say we’re smarter than H’wood execs, but given the chance, we’d totally chose to hit the big screen instead of the bargain bin.

Then again, maybe we are trying to say we’re smarter.

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