Let The Baby Rumors Begin!

jennifer aniston april6a 166x225 Let The Baby Rumors Begin!Through five cities, in five countries, over three weeks, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have been on a whirlwind tour promoting The Bounty Hunter. Fans in every city have been amazed by Jen’s gorgeous looks and stunning style, but it wasn’t until Jen and Gerard’s March 30 stop in Madrid that fans started buzzing about something else: the gleam in Jen’s eye, her easy, confident glow and her hand resting on her not-so-flat tummy. Do all signs, at last, point to pregnancy?

“Jen very much wants to have a baby girl,” a source close to the star tells OK!. “She had a heart-to-heart with friends and relatives and admitted this is the year she’s going to become a mom.”

So who’s on deck to play dad?

“Jen adores Gerry and thinks he’d make a perfect father,” an insider tells OK!.

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