Juliette Lewis Calls Jennifer Aniston `A Piece Of Heaven

headline 1272899711 275x300 Juliette Lewis calls Jennifer Aniston `a piece of heavenJuliette Lewis has gushed about working with Jennifer Aniston, saying: ‘Jen was simply a piece of heaven.’

The actresses already shared a link in Brad Pitt, with Juliette being engaged to the star before he later wed Jen.

But Juliette says she was totally overwhelmed by Aniston when the pair worked together on the upcoming comedy The Switch.

‘Jen was simply a piece of heaven,’ Lewis told Fox News.

‘Just a real girls’ girl – really down to earth, funny and absolutely wonderful. I play her best friend and I am kind of daffy, but we just had a natural affinity for each other.’

Lewis says she has remained close with many of her former co-stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp from 1993 hit What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – and even ex-fiance Brad.

Leo I’ve seen from time to time, it’s funny because when you share an experience with people like that – I feel like we went to boot camp together or high school, like we grew up together,’ Lewis said.

‘Johnny Depp I haven’t seen in a long time, and then Brad and I run into each other on and off and we say hello and that is really nice.’

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