Jennifer Is The ‘Go-To-Girl’ For Advice

Jennifer Aniston says her friends go to her for advice.

The former Friends actress admits she’s the “go-to girl” when her pals are in need.

“My friends come to me in tough times for advice,” she said. “I am the go-to girl a lot but I love that. I love helping friends.

“I’ve been the recipient of great information and advice and a giver of it but when you are in need I think you have got to show up — whether it’s to celebrate or to console or whatever. I think it’s about consistency, loyalty and honesty.”

So what advice would 40-year-old Jen give 20-year-old Jen? “Enjoy life!” Aniston said. “I think we have such angst in our twenties and in out thirties even.

“And if I had felt as good at 30 as I do at 40 I would have probably enjoyed myself a lot more.”

The actress recently insisted she doesn’t need a man in her life — because she’s happy being on her own.

“I don’t think you can plan or control love,” said Brad Pitt’s ex-wife. “I think you have to just be willing to take what comes and however it comes, you know?

“I have a really great relationship with myself and that’s a lifelong process. I have a great job, a great family and great friends. I have my health and I love what I do.”

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