JENNIFER Aniston has ­tamed Hollywood wild man Gerard Butler – she’s got him to give up his beloved booze and fags.

Jen, 40, had her personal yoga teacher Mandy Ingber put Gerard, also 40, on a hardcore detox programme called The Master Cleanse.

It involves cutting out ­almost everything except raw juices, coconut water and small portions of brown rice for seven days.

A source close to the ­Scottish hunk said: “Until he met Jen, Gerry would never go more than a couple of days without red meat, ­coffee, cigs and ­alcohol.

“He found the diet tough but had to admit that ­after a week he felt amazing.

“He’s into green tea with honey and keeps ­banging on about how great his skin looks.”

In the past Gerard has tried hypnotism, nicotine patches and even laser treatment to quit smoking.

Now he’s joined celebrity fans of the regime, who ­include Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé, Madonna, Salma Hayek and Gisele.

Gerry and Jen have been cuddling up to each other on red carpets in London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid as they promote their new movie The Bounty Hunter.

But they refuse to ­confirm whether they are dating.

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