Jennifer Aniston Beats Marilyn Monroe In The Style Stakes

The glamour of Miss Monroe may have been unrivalled for years as women worldwide try to emulate her look, but now it appears that British women have moved on to the girl-next-door look.

Hollywood beauties such as Winslet, Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Rachel McAdams beat the classical ladies like Elizabeth Taylor and Monroe in a poll carried out by Venus Embrace.

According to the findings, women find it easier to copy the look of modern-day actresses over the unobtainable glamour of previous beauty sirens.

Rather than bold red lips and immaculately groomed hair that used to be the true signs of glamour, now hair-free legs and a toned body are the necessary ingredients.

Speaking on behalf of Venus Embrace’s research, make-up artist to the stars, Tina Earnshaw, says that this shift in icon following is because of technology.

‘The challenge with this understated look is with the advancement of cinematic technologies such as high-definition, every detail is visible on screen which means fine flaws such as smudged make-up or rogue hairs are easily detected.’

The Top 10 goddesses according to the Venus Embrace poll are:

1 Jennifer Aniston

2 Kate Winslet

3 Sophia Loren

4 Marilyn Monroe

5 Cameron Diaz

6 Rachel McAdams

7 Elizabeth Taylor

8 Julie Christie

9 Kate Bosworth

10 Raquel Welsh

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