Jennifer Aniston And Steve Zahn’s Latest Film, Management, To Be Released On DVD

managementdvd 214x300 Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahns latest film, Management, to be released on DVDJennifer Aniston’s latest film, Management, will be released on DVD on September 29. The DVD extras include commentary with writer/director Stephen Belber and co-star Steve Zahn, deleted scenes and a gag reel.
Management is a romantic comedy about a traveling saleswoman, Sue, played by Aniston, who meets a romantically challenged motel night manager, Mike, played by Zahn. After a brief interlude with Mike, Sue leaves Arizona to return home to the East Coast. However, Mike wants the relationship to continue and follows Sue back to Maryland to try to win her back.

Throughout her film career, Aniston has gone back and forth starring in large studio movies and small, independent films. When asked in an interview with why she wanted to play the role of Sue, Aniston responded: “The role of Sue is sort of awkward and it felt very human. I just loved it. When you read romantic comedy after romantic comedy, and then you get to read one where the characters are so unique and oddly flawed and broken, that’s beautiful. I signed on to the project immediately.”

Management, the film, as well as the film’s stars, Aniston and Zahn, have received positive reviews from the critics. Steven Rea of the Philadelphia Inquirer comments: “Whether or not it’s a calculated career move or just an actress on the lookout for good roles, she [Aniston] has brought intelligence and down-to-earth charm to her portraits of women with low incomes and low self-esteem. Ditto for her turn in Management.”

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