Jen On The Prowl For Younger Men?

Desirable young guys, beware. You are the prey.

And Jennifer Aniston is the hunter, slinking into a role as an older—think thirtysomething—sexpot in the romantic comedy Pumas, reports Variety. Like fellow Friend Courteney Cox, who’s got her own upcoming animal-themed TV series called Cougar Town, Aniston will play a character who likes youthful beaus.

Look, if Aniston—who looks younger and better than most people half her age—wants to stretch her acting chops like this, we won’t argue. Playing the age card is a good way to get nominated for an Oscar—her ex Brad Pitt did that in Benjamin Button—and we’re sure she’ll be great.

But still, let’s not be sexist: Isn’t it time we see a film about men who chase younger women? It’s time, Hollywood.

You could just call it…Men.

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