How to Replace Your Water Heater

On average, a good water heater should last between 12-15 years. As a standard guide based on how long yours can probably last, check the product warranty on your unit. As with many warranted products, they are designed to wear right after the warranty period ends. Although, if you’ve extremely hard water in your town, the lifespan of your water heater could be significantly shorter. Or, if you have normal water and/or maintain your water heater by filtering it yearly and replacing the anode when needed, you could potentially exponentially increase its expected lifespan.

Many home owners, however, don’t maintain their water heaters at all. Hey, I’m not judging I didn’t do just about anything with either regarding the water heaters in our primary home until that really first plumbing post over a year ago…  after both water heaters had been in solution for over 15 years! And even though we finally “saw the light” and eventually began maintaining them, we nevertheless couldn’t battle the experience that I was living on borrowed time (and it transforms out, I actually was).

There are a few obvious signs that it’s time to change your water heater. The most apparent, of training course, is when it begins leaking from the sides or from the base. If it’s dripping from hose, those or those, hose or fixture, fixture or hose, those can just be tightened or changed.  But if the tank has rusted through its wall or bottom and is leaking, you’re in difficulty… and you’ve waited until the most expensive time for you change your water heater. Exactly why the most costly? Two explanations. Initially, if the drip causes water damage in your repairs, house can get real costly, real quick. Second, a major water heater leak can force anyone to shut off your water heater which means nobody in the house will be able to shower, do laundry, wash the dishes, or otherwise use hot water until you get a new one. And when you call up that plumbing technician (in Beverly Hills… you know the one… “Mr. Everything are going to be pricey)” and tell him to rush more than because you do not have any hot water, all he’ll be able to hear is “ka-CHING, ka-CHING!” He’ll purchase the replacement from a wholesale plumbing supply warehouse for $400, sell it to you for $700, and charge a few hundred more to put in it. And you’ll be far less susceptible to price shop, or even simply take a couple of times to investigate your options, whenever replacing your water heater is an urgent top priority… and you’ll conclusion up having to pay means more than you really should.

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