Gerard Butler Jokes About Marrying Jennifer Aniston

butler aniston b 200x300 Gerard Butler Jokes About Marrying Jennifer AnistonHow does Gerard Butler deal with those pesky Jennifer Aniston relationship rumors?

By joking about it.

“Conan [O’Brien] asked me about Aniston, who is my costar in the movie I’m making now, and I just said, ‘Yeah, we’re getting married. What the he–,” Butler tells Parade magazine.

“Tell a joke, that’s my technique,” he continues. “I learned as a kid how to stay out of trouble: make it funny.”

He also kids about walking down the aisle with a few other women.

“I’m careful to also say that I’m marrying Cameron Diaz and maybe Joan Rivers,” says Butler, who was briefly linked to Diaz in April 2008. “I like to tell everyone I’m going to be a busy guy.”

Butler wasn’t as smooth with his The Ugly Truth costar, Katherine Heigl.

“Truthfully, one time I was supposed to play with Katherine’s hair and I kept forgetting my lines,” he explains. “I was so nervous that I grabbed her breast. Afterwards, all I could do is say ‘I’m sorry.’ Yeah.”

But later?

“We went back to our trailer and made out after the dancing scene,” he quips.

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