Christine Baranski Still Wants To Meet Jennifer Aniston

Actress Christine Baranski has been around (professionally, that is), but one place she hasn’t been is in the same room with Jennifer Aniston, even though the two had scenes together in the current release, “The Bounty Hunter.”

“This is funny — all I did with Jennifer Aniston is talk to her over the phone,” she told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “I have never met her. I never got to meet her. We did phone scenes … I still cannot wait to meet Jennifer Aniston.”

Baranski’s legal drama “The Good Wife,” starring Julianna Margulies, is getting a reputation for being pleasantly unpredictable — and real-life events apparently will continue to fuel the stories.

“It’s been incredible, it’s the gift that keeps giving,” Baranski said, referring to a spate of men fallen from grace.

“When we shot the pilot it was just kind of Elliot Spitzer and then it was just kind of one guy after another. … Spitzer is going to be getting back into the game apparently, and, that’s what next season’s about.”

“It’s a very pertinent show.”

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