Jennifer Aniston Among Celebs Donating Shoes To Philly Hero In Heels Auction

Snakeskin espadrilles with a fierce wedge. By Jimmy Choo. From the closet of Jennifer Aniston.

Could it get any better for a fashionista?

Apparently not.

The shoes were one of 20 pairs sold last week during the Hero in Heels charity auction that raised more than $9,600 for women battling cancer. The fashion show, held at the Trust building on Arch Street, was put together by Dave Girgenti’s Wish Upon a Hero Foundation, an online nonprofit that grants requests to people in need.

“I wanted to put together a fund-raiser for women using something they were very passionate about,” said Girgenti, a graphic designer, who now grants wishes full time. “And we know that women are passionate about shoes.”

Most shoes went for $200, but Jennifer’s Jimmys went for $800. Three hundred people attended. Not bad for a local fund-raiser with fashion as the focus.

Other celebrity shoes auctioned included a pair of silver Cole Haan peep-toe stilettos courtesy of actress Samantha Harris, and Tod’s sandals that once belonged to Scarlett Johansson.

Taylor Swift donated her gently used studded Betsey Johnsons. And British songstress Estelle gave a pair of to-die-for olive-green Halston pumps. Some buyers said they’d be wearing their purchases; others wanted to display them as art, Girgenti said.

The night featured runway presentations by Gregory Taylor, creative director for women’s wear line Walish Gooshe; Sarah Van Aken, with her popular Center City-based line SAVA; and Carmelita Greco, who showed pieces from her artsy Carmelita Couture collection.

Girgenti started Wish Upon a Hero in September 2007 as a way to grant wishes to people dealing with unexpected tragedies. Many of his requests, he said, were from women with cancer. Some of them were simple: silk scarves to cover heads bald from chemotherapy. Others were more difficult to fulfill – breast prosthesis.

Girgenti thought up the celebrity shoe auction idea a year ago when watching E! Entertainment. He was flabbergasted to learn the prices of designer shoes – although any shoe maven can tell you without missing a beat: Jimmy Choos can run you more than $500.

Girgenti also accurately surmised that celebrities don’t get much mileage from their shoes, probably wearing them once or twice. So he got his interns together and they started Facebooking, twittering, and e-mailing celebrity publicists on a quest for pumps and peep-toes.

“I thought it was going to be hard, but it wasn’t,” said Girgenti, who is now filming a reality show about granting wishes for the online Eclipse channel. “After all, we weren’t asking them to donate money or time. We just wanted their shoes. It turned out to be a lot easier than we expected.”

In April, Girgenti held an online auction and sold about 20 pairs of shoes, raising about $2,000. He decided to create Thursday night’s live auction because he predicted women would be more likely to fall in love if they could see shoes in person.

“We hope this becomes an annual event,” Girgenti said. “Maybe next year we’ll see Kelly Ripa here.”

Jennifer Aniston To Play A Swinger, Pothead In Film

Jennifer Aniston is ditching her squeaky clean image.

The actress, 41, will star in two raunchy movies (due out in 2011) that have her swearing, stripping and swinging, a source tells

In Wanderlust, she re-teams with The Object of My Affection co-star Paul Rudd. The two play a flaky New York Couple who long for a home of their own, but because of the economy and faltering careers, they reluctantly settle for living with his obnoxious brother in Georgia.

En route to their new Southern home, they stop at a B&B, which turns out to be a commune. There, they meet nudists, smoke pot and even participate in an orgy. Aniston, who plays Linda, has sex with two men and a woman who gives birth moments later.

In another scene of the flick, of which Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, Superbad) produces, the group protests an expansion of a Wal-Mart, and Aniston’s character lifts her shirt to flash the news cameras.

Aniston and Rudd also decide to live on the commune, where they end up opening a book publishing company.

Aniston plays a potty-mouth dentist in Horrible Bosses (also starring Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman and Colin Farrell), which depicts the lives of three friends annoyed with their careers who decide they should kill their managers to ease frustration.

At the beginning of the movie, Aniston — who is one of the bosses — fondles a patient under anesthesia, and then propositions her hygienist. Later, the hygienist comes to her office, and she opens her lab coat to reveal she’s completely naked. She threatens to tell his fiancee they’re having an affair unless he sleeps with her.

When Aniston gets wind of the plot to kill the bosses, she invites the hygienist’s fiancee to the office for some free dental work. While she’s passed out, Aniston suggests they have sex on top of her. “Let’s use her as a table — I like that idea!” she says.

Jen Aniston Sings “Happy Birthday” To Courteney Cox At 45th Bash

Happy birthday, indeed.

Jennifer Aniston helped BFF Courteney Cox celebrate her 45th birthday Tuesday night at Bouchon Beverly Hills. Also at the fete: pal Laura Dern and four other pals, a source tells

Unlike the Cobb salad Cox and Aniston dined on every day for 10 years while taping Friends, the birthday girl chowed down on steak. Both she and Aniston — who was dressed down in jeans, a loose brown tank top and a beaded necklace — drank red wine, the insider tells Us.

“The group sang happy birthday to Courteney and they cheers-ed a few times,” says the source. “They all seemed to be laughing and having a great time.”

Aniston even put up with an overzealous fan who “grabbed her pretty obnoxiously,” the source notes. “[The fan] asked her to take a picture with her. Jennifer kindly took the picture though everyone couldn’t believe how she grabbed her. But Jennifer was very sweet about it.”

The group wrapped up with dessert around 10:45 p.m

Jennifer Aniston Just “Friends” With SNL’s Jason Sudeikis

Showbiz Spy is reporting that “Jennifer Aniston has a new man in her life!”

And who might that be?

Jason Sudeikis of “Saturday Night Live” fame, claims the site.

According to Showbiz Spy – and other equally dubious sites – Aniston has “enjoyed a series of secret dates with Jason, who she met last year when they appeared in The Bounty Hunter together.”

Showbiz Spy notes, “During filming, Jen and Jason’s relationship was strictly platonic because Sudeikis was still married. However, now the actor is divorced and… the pair have taken things to the next level.”

The blog even trots out an unnamed “source” who says Aniston’s “thrilled” to be dating Sudeikis, and that she “finds him hilarious.”

Actually, what’s hilarious is that Showbiz Spy printed this inaccurate story, and Lemming-like sites such as Hollyscoop and Perez Hilton similarly jumped off journalism’s cliff – and crashed.

Aniston’s rep, who had no idea where this erroneous report came from, tells Gossip Cop that talk of the actress dating Sudeikis is “completely false – she hasn’t even seen Jason since filming.”

Jennifer Aniston To Reunite With Courteney — On The Big Screen!

JenniferAniston CourteneyCo 150x150 Jennifer Aniston to Reunite with Courteney — on the Big Screen!Last night, Jennifer Aniston stepped out to support her pal Courteney Cox at the Crystal + Lucy Awards, where the Cougar Town star was honored for her TV work. And the ladies – who got close as costars in Friends — will soon be working together again soon, Star has learned exclusively.

In the June 14 issue of Star — on sale now — we report that Jennifer may be known for her romantic comedies, but she’s switching genres for her new role: a part in Scream 4!

Jen will play a woman who’s killed off in the opening sequence, a trademark of the franchise — as a favor to BFF and Scream actress Courteney. The role will be similar to Drew Barrymore’s killer part in the first film.

“Scream has always been an important part of Courteney’s life, and she wanted Jennifer to be a part of the production,” an insider tells Star.

Courteney, her husband David Arquette and Neve Campbell will all reprise their roles in the next installment, which hits theatres in April 2011.

Jen Aniston “Gave Me A Big Hug” Says Sexy Rival Brooklyn Decke

1275313644 brooklyn aniston 290 244x300 Jen Aniston Gave Me a Big Hug Says Sexy Rival Brooklyn DeckeKill ‘em with kindness!

When Jennifer Aniston, 41, met sexy Just Go With It costar Brooklyn Decker, 23, she was all smiles.

“The first time we met, she came up to me and gave me a big hug,” the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model tells Entertainment Tonight. “She’s been like that the whole way. Someone in her position doesn’t have to be that way and she is.”

A set source told Us Weekly that Aniston is “intimidated” by her younger costar. “She’s very conscious of her body…She’s obsessed with staying fit and young.”

Toward that end, the 5-foot-6 actress “rarely misses a workout” no matter where she is, the source says. In between scenes for Just Go With It (in which she flaunts her bod in a hot-pink bikini), the 5-foot-6 single star hit the gym for at least an hour daily, sipped pureed papaya, pineapple and mango and dined on veggies and fish.

Looks like the hard work paid off. “She’s stunning,” Decker gushed. “She’s such a great mix of beautiful and kind.”

Adds Decker: “The most surprising and amazing thing about her is she treats everyone like she’s been best friends with them for years.”

Brits Still Love Aniston’s Cut

250 anisonSTYLE11 Brits still love Anistons cutJennifer Aniston’s iconic hairstyle from her days in hit comedy “Friends” is still going strong – it’s the most popular cut of all time among British women.

The layered style became a hit in the 1990s when the actress first sported it playing Rachel Green in the sitcom, and more than 15 years on it has topped a poll of the most requested styles in the U.K – more than 11 million women have tried the look.

Second most popular style is Meg Ryan’s choppy, cropped cut, while pop star-turned-reality-TV-judge Dannii Minogue’s sleek bob is third.

The survey was carried out by beauty products company Goody. Spokeswoman Rose-Marie Jarvis says, “It’s no secret that many women take inspiration from celebrities when it comes to their appearance.”

Jen Aniston Flaunts Beach Bod In Tiny, Hot-Pink Bikini

1274719672 jennifer aniston 290 219x300 Jen Aniston Flaunts Beach Bod in Tiny, Hot Pink BikiniShe wore an itsy-bitsy hot-pink bikini…

Last Thursday, Jennifer Aniston shot another scene for Just Go with It on the Hawaiian island of Kauai — wearing close to nothing.

Shooting near a tropical waterfall, the 41-year-old actress wore a barely-there, hot-pink bikini. The tan star’s super-sleek physique is no accident. “She’s obsessed with staying fit and young,” a source says in the latest Us Weekly.

And Aniston has another incentive to look good on the Just Go With It set: 23-year-old costar and Sports Illustrated cover girl Brooklyn Decker. “Jen’s intimidated,” the source says of Decker. “She’s very conscious of her body.”

To keep in fighting form, the 5-foot-6 actress spends at least an hour (sometimes more) daily at the gym at the Four Seasons in Maui — sweating it out on the treadmill and elliptical.

“I saw her on the treadmill, and it was angled all the way up,” one Four Seasons guest recalls. “I couldn’t do that for one minute!”

source: US Magazine