Let The Baby Rumors Begin!

jennifer aniston april6a 166x225 Let The Baby Rumors Begin!Through five cities, in five countries, over three weeks, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have been on a whirlwind tour promoting The Bounty Hunter. Fans in every city have been amazed by Jen’s gorgeous looks and stunning style, but it wasn’t until Jen and Gerard’s March 30 stop in Madrid that fans started buzzing about something else: the gleam in Jen’s eye, her easy, confident glow and her hand resting on her not-so-flat tummy. Do all signs, at last, point to pregnancy?

“Jen very much wants to have a baby girl,” a source close to the star tells OK!. “She had a heart-to-heart with friends and relatives and admitted this is the year she’s going to become a mom.”

So who’s on deck to play dad?

“Jen adores Gerry and thinks he’d make a perfect father,” an insider tells OK!.

Tabloid Hell Time!

It’s that time of the week when ‘tabloid hell’ starts. I thought you might get a kick out of this one.. at lease it’s a rest from the Gerard Butler rumors!
anistoon 221x300 Tabloid Hell Time!

Man is Brangelina’s ex body guard a lil’ gossip or what!

According to him, Brad Pitt is still carrying a major blowtorch for Miss Lonely Hearts, and they’ve hooked up four times since they reconnected at the 2009 Oscars. InTouch magazine has got all the details in this week’s issue. Personally I think this all smells like it’s got some major Anistank all over it. I guess the whole Gerard Butler sphincter spelunking didn’t do anything, so it’s on to phase II -’operation back with Brad.’ As far as I’m concerned, the magna chinned wonder wins when it comes to the whole Brad Pitt deal, I mean she had him at the height of his beauty, now he looks like the homeless guy selling old ‘Ranger Rick’ magazines on the corner of my block.

“In an exclusive interview, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s former bodyguard reveals that since Brad and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston reconnected at the 2009 Academy Awards, they have hooked up four times — three times in LA and once in New York — and even recently shared a passionate kiss. “I know that he still loves her,” the ex-bodyguard Bill, who for security reasons chooses only to be identified by his first name, tells In Touch.

In fact, there was one date that Bill says brought them closer than ever — and since then, their relationship has heated up even more. Brad and Jen arranged a secret meeting at the trails off of Western Canyon Road in Beverly Hills on December 9, Bill says.

At 3:30p.m., Jen pulled up to the location in her Bentley, and Brad arrived on his motorcycle. After Brad climbed into Jen’s passenger seat, “They were very cozy, clearly embracing,” Bill reveals for the first time. “Several times, Brad and Jen were hugging and kissing.” After talking and nuzzling for about 30 to 40 minutes, Bill, who was on “paparazzi watch,” advised the pair that they should leave, as photographers were spotted just a few miles away. “Jennifer left first, flashing Brad a quick peace sign and a smile,” says Bill. “Brad jogged back to his motorcycle, drove off and went for an hour bike ride.”

Around-Town Events Meet Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Guru

It must feel good to be the one responsible for Jennifer Aniston’s killer bod.

Yoga instructor Mandy Ingber is the force behind Aniston’s sleek physique and killer form and this week you can get that much closer to Jen by having Ingber show you her moves.

Ingber will be in Chicago this week, stopping by a few Lululemon locations to promote her Yogalosophy DVDs and teaching some classes while she’s there.

From her visionary look at the practice of yoga, an instructor to the celebrities, and the creator of Yogalosophy (her yoga-hybrid series of DVDs), Ingber has been practicing her downward dogs for more than 15 years.

On Saturday (In Chicago) from 9-10 am, Ingber offers at complimentary yoga class and will meet with fans afterward until noon.
Or you can catch her at the Lululemon at 900 N. Michigan Ave. store from 1-3 p.m.

Jennifer Aniston Is Feeling Old And Ugly?

The actress, 41, has told pals she fears she’s losing her looks — and, in a bid to life her spirits and ensure future movie roles, has decided on a radical makeover.

“Jen’s been visiting her New York-based dermatologist Dr Amy Wechsler a lot over the past few months,” a source told Britain’s Now magazine. “She’s been leaning on her a lot recently, not just when she’s in New York but also for phone consultations.

“They’re both into the whole mind-body connection, so they do chanting and visualization. And Jen loves that Dr Wechsler believes in being very subtle with her work. It’s painstaking but the finished product speaks for itself.”

The source says Jen’s love of wine is causing problems.

“She’s tried to cut down because she knows how aging it is, but she just can’t — even though it dehydrates her skin and causes her to look puffy the next day,” explained the pal.

“She thinks she looks saggy now.

“It’s a struggle for any woman to get old, but to age in the public eye is even harder. To top it off, she’s still single, so not only does she have to face scrutiny over her looks, she also has to live up to the expectations of the guys she dates — most of whom are way younger than her.”

Jen recently admitted she isn’t against Botox.

“I could do [Botox], and I mean these lines are getting deeper every day, but when I tell you what’s happened to me — these lines are just about living,” she said earlier this month.

“Look, I eat really well and I work out, but I also indulge when I want to. I don’t starve myself in an extremist way.

“You’re not taking away my coffee or my dairy or my glass of wine because I’d be devastated. My advice: just stop eating sh** every day.”

Looking For A Fedora Hat Like Jen’s?

Jennifer Aniston Gets 22d2 150x150 Looking For A Fedora Hat Like Jens?Jennifer Aniston, the 41-year-old actress and one of Hollywood’s most talked about stars.

Forever a style icon, Jen stands out from the crowd in her burgundy cappello and looks oh-so-stylish in doing so. You can steal some of Jen’s style and head onto farfetch.com and pick up this Gucci Fabric Cappello (above) for £175.

Jen News
Jen’s latest film, The Bounty Hunter, features the handsome Gerard Butler. In an interview with The Sun Gerard hinted that him and Jen are more than ‘just good friends’, claiming they have great chemistry. He even spent the day with Jen and her family on her birthday! Read the full story here.

hat 150x150 Looking For A Fedora Hat Like Jens?Jen Style
The cappello hat is perfect for hiding away from the dreaded paps (or in our case just on a bad hair day!) and Jen finishes off the look with a pair of classic aviators.

Other online shops
Can’t quite afford this Gucci number? Click onto very.co.uk,and try this Straw Fedora instead, available in black and cream and only £12.

Marley & Me 2…Minus Marley?

Hey, we’re not too proud to admit it: We were totally in puppy love with Marley & Me. If there are two things we’re a sucker for, it’s cute-ass pooches and Jennifer Aniston flicks. So you’d think we’d be totally excited when we caught word that they’re making another film about the crazy canine, right?

Well, forgive us for questioning, but how the hell will there be a Marley & Me 2 when Marley, you know, went to that big dog house in the sky at the end of the first movie?

Or is it just going to be called Me?

Nope—we’re hearing at this point that the straight to DVD film will be a prequel to the box office hit. Talk about dumb, how many hijinx could that pup have had before Jen A. and her onscreen hubby snatched him up?

So, the first pooch died. But why not give the tear jerker a proper sequel instead of some lame-ass prequel? This isn’t The Lord of the Rings, after all.

The couple could do the unheard of and, uh, get another dog!

Plot wise, there’s plenty of life left for someone to think up a couple more events Marley 2.0 could ruin—plus, if they flash forwarded a handful of years, we’d love to see Jennifer as the mother of a teen.

Could you imagine the rom-com queen having to have the birds and bees talk with a high schooler while her pesky pooch is humping everything it can get its paws on? Comedy gold, we say.

So why waste the opportunity on a toss-away DVD? We’re sure J.A. and Owen Wilson would be down for round two—people loved their first go as harried newlyweds—and if those two are in, you can be sure the movie would bank at the box office.

We’re not trying to say we’re smarter than H’wood execs, but given the chance, we’d totally chose to hit the big screen instead of the bargain bin.

Then again, maybe we are trying to say we’re smarter.


JENNIFER Aniston has ­tamed Hollywood wild man Gerard Butler – she’s got him to give up his beloved booze and fags.

Jen, 40, had her personal yoga teacher Mandy Ingber put Gerard, also 40, on a hardcore detox programme called The Master Cleanse.

It involves cutting out ­almost everything except raw juices, coconut water and small portions of brown rice for seven days.

A source close to the ­Scottish hunk said: “Until he met Jen, Gerry would never go more than a couple of days without red meat, ­coffee, cigs and ­alcohol.

“He found the diet tough but had to admit that ­after a week he felt amazing.

“He’s into green tea with honey and keeps ­banging on about how great his skin looks.”

In the past Gerard has tried hypnotism, nicotine patches and even laser treatment to quit smoking.

Now he’s joined celebrity fans of the regime, who ­include Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé, Madonna, Salma Hayek and Gisele.

Gerry and Jen have been cuddling up to each other on red carpets in London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid as they promote their new movie The Bounty Hunter.

But they refuse to ­confirm whether they are dating.

Aniston: ‘I Couldn’t Pull Off GaGa’s Style’

Jennifer Aniston has admitted that she would not “look good” in Lady GaGa’s eccentric outfits.

The former Friends star – who yesterday revealed that she would not rule out having botox – said that she has a much more conservative sense of style than the ‘Bad Romance’ singer.

“I’ve got a good team [of stylists], and I always check – is the dress tugging?” she told People. “How do I feel about bending? Can I sit around in it?

“I don’t think I’d look good in some stuff that Lady GaGa has graced us with.”

Would You Do…Jen As A Bad Girl?

Just because she starred in a movie called The Good Girl, doesn’t mean Jennifer Aniston wants to be one. And although her stint on Friends and roles in a half dozen hit-and-miss rom-coms have earned her an “America’s Sweetheart” title, it doesn’t look like the babe wants to accept it.

So do you think Jenny can go bad?

We’ve long touted we think J.A. is a fun-as-hell hon who loves her margaritas, cigs, sun, gal-pals and gay men (maybe in that order?), and that works for her. But it seems in recent years—and especially on the press tour with hairy-assed Gerard Butler—she’s desperate to vamp up her admittedly less-than-naughty looks.

And when Jen showed up at the Madrid premiere of The Bounty Hunter, we felt safe saying she was definitely attempting a new skanky allure.

For a woman well-known for pulling off sexy and classy on the red carpet, Jen’s homecoming dress gone awry was a fashion disaster. Too short, with a sort of lace ruffle for “modesty,” and covered in rhinestone studs, the frock was exactly what Jen has been of late: trying too hard to be bad.

We get it—the chick doesn’t want to be pegged into the “good girl” role. Add on top of that the fact she has a killer body that’s just dying to be shown, and we understand if she wants to amp up her not-so-innocent appeal.

But there are better ways to go about it. Plenty of stars (and no, not just Angelina) can pull off dangerously sexy, yet still look chic. Or better yet, why not play bad in the roles she takes on?

It’s high time Jen A. ditched her romance flicks and mixed it up. Why did Derailed have to be such a one-time type shot? We can just imagine the gal playing a true bad-ass villain—a far cry from Rachel Green or any other hopelessly in love klutz she’s playing.

So what do you think? How exactly should Jen go bad? Or damn her, will she forever be stuck as America’s Sweetheart?

Jennifer Aniston Source