Jennifer Aniston Denies Living Off Of Baby Foo

(As if we didn’t know!)

Actress Jennifer Aniston has gone on record to deny rumors that she is eating a diet of baby food.

Aniston is currently hanging out in Hawaii shooting her new movie “Just Go With It,” in which she stars across from funnyman Adam Sandler.

While some baby food maybe tasty, she insists that she is not living off of it: “I’ve been asked lately, ‘Jen, what’s this baby food diet all about?’” she says. “I kept thinking: That’s the strangest question ever.”

The diet in question, involves eating up to 14 servings of baby food during your day, followed by a healthy dinner.

“Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was 1,” she added.

Jennifer Reunites With Paul Rudd For ‘Wanderlust’; And Reuniting With Jason Bateman Too!

jennifer aniston 320 Jennifer reunites with Paul Rudd for Wanderlust; and  Reuniting With Jason Bateman Too!Busy times for Jennifer Aniston’s agent. This morning, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety announced that the former Friends star is circling two new big-screen projects. One is Horrible Bosses, a workplace murder comedy also likely to star Jason Bateman, Charlie Day (a Mandi Bierly favorite), and Colin Farrell. Aniston would play an aggressive dentist who hits on the hapless Day character. Seth Gordon (Four Christmases) will direct. Sounds promising, right? My fingers are crossed that it’ll be similar in tone to what remains her best movie to date: Office Space.

TPS reports indicate that Project No. 2 has even more potential. Also a comedy, this one’s called WanderLust and it’s got an impressive pedigree: Judd Apatow is producing, David Wain (Role Models) is directing, and Paul Rudd is costarring, co-writing, and producing. Paul Rudd bustin’ out the triple-threat cred! To me, that’s reason enough to root for this movie, which, by the way, tells the story of a couple who moves to a commune after losing all their moolah. But it also has that Apatow guy attached, as well as David Wain, who certainly knows how to bring the funny, especially when Rudd’s around. I give you: Wet Hot American Summer.

Anyway, back to Rudd. Whatever you thought of his and Aniston’s last outing (other than his guest-starring turn on Friends, that is), 1998′s The Object of My Affection, they were cute on screen together. (See inset!) And for the love of Rachel Green, isn’t it time Aniston got paired up again with an actor worthy of her specific brand of comedic talent? (I’m lookin’ at you, Gerard Butler!) Her flustered everygal charm and his adorable goofball wit seem like a solid match to me. And so, I ask you, could WanderLust be the hit that Jennifer Aniston’s been looking for all these years — or at least since The Break-Up? (I liked Marley & Me and it made a ton of money, but she was second fiddle to Owen Wilson and the dog.) My hopes are high. Yours?

Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston’s Early Friendship

s ANISTON SANDLER large Adam Sandler & Jennifer Anistons Early FriendshipJennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have been friends for more than 20 years, and now they costar in a new romantic comedy, ‘Just Go With It,’ along with Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews. Entertainment Tonight sat down with the cast on the Maui set and the segment will air Monday night. ET released the following statement:

Nicole says that the casts’ brood of children have become fast friends, even attending school together on set, “It’s wonderful. There is a little school all set up. [Dave has a two and a half year old boy] who Sunday likes.”

Adam tells ET his daughter Sadie is warming up to Jennifer, “I call her ‘Fifty Fifty Sadie.’ When she’s nice to Aniston, I’m in a good mood. When she’s nuts I’m like, ‘Sadie, come here for a minute. That’s Aniston! It’s fine.’” Jennifer jokes about being surrounded by so many children, “I’m constantly getting a kid fix!”

Adam goes on to say that he and Jennifer have known each other for over twenty years, “We met at Jerry’s Deli through a bunch of mutual friends. We shared meals together. I watched Aniston eat!”

Jennifer says she is also hard at work on another project, her new fragrance. “We’re calling it Lola Vie,” she says. On the meaning of the name, Jennifer hints it might be private, saying, “It means something, but it’s a long story…”

“Just Go With It” hits theatres on Valentine’s Day 2011.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Diet Secret: Baby Food!

She’s got one of Hollywood’s most envied physiques, but would you resort to chowing down on baby food to achieve Jennifer Aniston’s toned and trim frame?

The former Friend has reportedly embarked on the baby food diet to get in shape for her latest flick, Just Go With It, and has lost 7lbs in a single week.

Devised by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson – who counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna among her A-list clientele – the regime involves eating 14 portions of puréed food a day, followed by a healthy dinner.

The mini-meals include fruit smoothies, oatmeal, soups and pears followed by a normal size evening meal of lean meat and vegetables.

Speaking to, Anderson described the regime: ‘I developed a cleanse where you can still eat and it’s a lot of puree foods. I was very careful about the foods I chose to put in it.

‘When you do these liquid cleanses I felt a responsibility to come up with something. Liquid cleanses do help you lose weight but you will gain more the next week,’ she explained.

‘I wanted something where you can eliminate toxicity, break bad habits but s

How Jen Aniston Gets Her “Kid Fix”

Jen Aniston hasn’t become a mom yet — but on the Maui set of her new film Just Go With It, she’s surrounded by the kids of costars Nicole Kidman, Adam Sandler and Dave Matthews.

“I’m constantly getting a kid fix!” she jokes to Entertainment Tonight. (Kidman brings daughter Sunday Rose, 20 months; Sandler totes daughters Sunny, 17 months, and Sadie, nearly 4; singer Matthews has 8-year-old twin daughters and son August, 2.)
Sandler admits that his daughter Sadie isn’t always “nice” to Aniston. “I call her ‘Fifty Fifty Sadie.,’” Sandler tells ET. “When she’s nice to Aniston, I’m in a good mood. When she’s nuts I’m like, ‘Sadie, come here for a minute. That’s Aniston! It’s fine.’”

Sandler and Aniston became acquainted over twenty years ago at Jerry’s Deli in Hollywood, when they both still struggling unknowns. “We shared meals together. I watched Aniston eat!”

The 41-year-old actress also spoke — cryptically — about her new fragrance, “Lola Vie.” The star demurred about the meaning behind the perfume’s name. “It means something, but it’s a long story,” she offers.

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