Steven Tyler Calls In To Radio Show To Celebrate Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday

jennifer 209x300 150x150 Steven Tyler calls in to radio show to celebrate Jennifer Aniston’s birthdayRocker Steven Tyler gave Jennifer Aniston a belated birthday treat on Tuesday when he called in during a her radio chat with Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest to sing to her.

Aniston, a lifelong Aerosmith fan, gasped and giggled as the singer crooned a birthday greeting to the actress to the tune of his band’s monster hit “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.”

The actress was promoting new her movie “Wanderlust” on the show when Seacrest, the host of “American Idol,” introduced Tyler, a judge on the TV talent show.

He sang, “I could lie awake just to say happy birthday…”, prompting a thrilled Aniston to coo, “This is not happening… This is so great.”

She and Tyler then exchanged mutual adorations on air, with the superfan telling the rocker, “Oh my God, I’m so happy you’re on Idol. I’m obsessed.”

Tyler then revealed he was calling from a recording studio, where he and his Aerosmith bandmates are working on new material, prompting the actress to ask, “Will you throw the name Jennifer in any one of those songs – any one of ‘em?”

The two stars then talked about love, with newly engaged Tyler congratulating the birthday girl on her romance with actor/writer Justin Theroux and she responded, “It’s in the air… 2011 was a good year for love.”

As Seacrest wrapped up the birthday treat and Tyler headed back to work, Aniston said, “That will be my memory forever… That was a good one, you guys.”

Jennifer Aniston To Star In London Set Dramedy ‘Miss You Already’

jennifer aniston instyle march 2012 3 Jennifer Aniston To Star In London Set Dramedy ‘Miss You Already’

Jennifer Aniston will play one of the leading roles in ‘Miss You Already’, the new dramedy film from fast rising British writer/director Paul Andrew Williams (London to Brighton, The Cottage, Cherry Tree Lane).

Set in London, the film follows two lifelong female friends whose friendship goes tits up when one gets pregnant and the other gets seriously ill. Williams has co-wrote the script with British actress-writer-producer Morwenna Banks.

The film has been compared to 1980s tearjerker Beaches.

EntertainmentOne has pre-bought the UK, Australian and Canadian rights to the movie out in Berlin and the film will be produced by Christopher Simon and Felix Vossen of Embargo Films. They are attempting to sell the U.S. rights now.

The Hollywood Reporter says filming will begin in the summer for a release in 2013 and casting for the other roles is already underway. Presumably the co-lead to Aniston will be British with the film being set in the UK.

Aniston can next be seen in the Judd Apatow produce comedy Wanderlust which opens next week in the U.S. but not until next month in the UK.